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Leading into the Age of AI
By: Shahriar Parvarandeh, Ned Calder, and Freddy Solis

The promise of artificial intelligence is immense. A five-part blueprint for corporate transformation can help companies capture the potential benefits for growth and value creation. Read the e-book.

Navigating Disruption
Report | May 2024

Drawing on extensive research, we’ve identified five consumer goods companies demonstrating the power of business model transformation for growth.

Executive Briefing | April 2022

Industrial companies face a growing range of disruptive forces. Here’s how they can start building today the strategic capabilities they will need to address tomorrow’s challenges.

HBR Article | December 2021

Is your organization changing as fast as your industry? Waiting for supporting data could put your team on a "burning platform." Make the case for change and seize new opportunities before the competition. Read the article from Harvard Business Review.

Executive Briefing | February 2024

The digital revolution is remaking healthcare – from transforming patient experiences to making delivery more efficient. Discover the four key ways healthcare leaders can make the most out of their digital transformation efforts.

Executive Briefing | March 2021

Ask these four questions to help shape a sustainability strategy in your organization that unlocks growth and value creation.

e-book | March 2021

Innovation often takes place via poorly understood mechanisms. These pathways can produce great results, but they can also lead to wasted time and resources. A mapping exercise can reveal what's working and optimize investments for better results.

Book | October 2020

Our new book lays out a system-level way to encourage and enable people to think and act beyond the status quo and build a culture of innovation. Discover how to empower individuals and teams inside your organization to be their most curious and creative — every single day.

Customer Centricity
Book | May 2021

Learn to think like a market detective to solve the mystery of customer behavior. David Duncan shows you how in his instructive story of Tazza, a fictional chain of cafes trying to go big time.