Why is it so difficult for established companies to pull off the new growth that business model innovation can bring? They don’t understand their current business model well enough to know if it would suit a new opportunity or hinder it, and they don’t know how to build a new model when they need it.… Read More

Innosight’s seventh senior executive summit drew leaders of companies ranging from Aetna, Boeing, and Procter & Gamble to MetLife, Wal-Mart and Xerox. Held in our Business Design Lab in August 2015, the discussion focused on tackling three critical questions around overcoming the human dynamics that persistently stand in the way of innovation and change at… Read More

Leaders ascend to their positions by mastering today’s (or even yesterday’s) business. Almost by definition, they don’t have first-hand experience with a disruptive shift in their market when they encounter it. A lack of intuition around the new and different can at best slow progress and at worst lead to serious strategic missteps. What should […]… Read More

From time to time, the basis of competition in an industry shifts so dramatically that shifting with it requires a new long-term vision that calls for the organization to do things it never would have done in the past. The hardest part is connecting long-term goals to near-term actions — especially when those new actions […]… Read More

Last Wednesday we held a Webinar on corporate transformation. It drew on the Harvard Business Review article “Two Routes to Resilience” (in which Gilbert detailed his first-hand experience driving transformation as CEO of Deseret News) and Innosight’s field experience guiding corporate clients around transformation. The Webinar had three main messages: Transformation involves two components, not… Read More

Sooner or later, most companies will need to transform themselves in response to disruptive market shifts. It may not be today or tomorrow — but it will happen. Are you ready? Is your enterprise-ready?… Read More

There’s no harder job for a corporate leader than transformation. One key to success is recognizing that transforming a business involves three activities: Transforming the core business to maximize its resilience (“Transformation A”) Creating a disruptive growth engine (“Transformation B”) Building a mechanism to share capabilities between the two (“Capabilities Exchange”) Those three activities (detailed […]… Read More