“Clayton Christensen’s books on innovation are mandatory reading at Netflix.” – Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO, Netflix For many companies, innovation is still hit or miss. They spend millions compiling the data to figure out what their customers want, but they often achieve only modest incremental innovations while completely missing the mark on the breakthrough… Read More

Detecting marketplace “fault lines” is the key to building the case for preemptive change. Read the article in the new issue of Harvard Business Review.… Read More

In this webinar, Innosight’s Robyn Bolton and Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner explore the results of our recently released 2015 Innovation Benchmarking Report. Based on a survey of nearly 200 innovators at some of the world’s leading companies, the report provides an eye-opening look into the state of corporate innovation programs today – including what types of innovation are being pursued, how projects are funded and measured, and where ideas get sourced.… Read More

What should leaders do to boost their organization’s ability to innovate? There’s a seemingly endless list of options to consider. Set up a new-growth group. Launch an idea contest. Change the reward systems. Run an action-learning program to develop the top leadership team’s ability to confront ambiguity. Form a venture investment fund. Take a road […]… Read More

From time to time, the basis of competition in an industry shifts so dramatically that shifting with it requires a new long-term vision that calls for the organization to do things it never would have done in the past. The hardest part is connecting long-term goals to near-term actions — especially when those new actions […]… Read More