Patrick Viguerie is a Managing Director and was previously global managing partner. He advises clients on new strategies for growth, and helps build and expand Innosight’s perspectives, range of services, and capabilities for serving clients.

Before joining Innosight, Patrick was a Director at McKinsey & Company, where he was a long-standing leader of McKinsey’s Strategy Practice. Based in the Atlanta office, he led McKinsey’s Strategy Practice in North and South America for five years, and most recently created and led the firm’s Strategy and Trend Analysis Center globally.

In his 27-year career with McKinsey, the focus of Patrick’s client work was on growth, corporate strategy and organization. He has deep expertise in companies and industries experiencing change driven by disruption, high risk, and uncertainty, and has worked with leading companies in a range of industries, including healthcare (across the value chain), industrials, technology, and telecommunications.

Patrick is a long-time thought leader in strategy. He is co-author of the international bestseller, The Granularity of Growth (March 2008) which focuses on how large companies can sustain growth and performance. He has also co-authored a number of articles in the Harvard Business Review, including “Is Your Growth Strategy Flying Blind?” “Strategy Under Uncertainty,”Deals Without Delusions,” and “The Faster They Fall.” This is in addition to his contributions to the McKinsey Quarterly, including “Extreme Competition, The Do or Die Struggle for Growth,” “Beating the Odds in Market Entry,”  “Learning to Let Go,” and “Are You Too Focused?” He was co-leader of McKinsey’s activities on global forces, which developed the “5 Crucibles” perspective (“What’s Next?”) on the key forces that will shape the world in 2025, and most recently “Management Intuition for the Next 50 Years.”

Patrick is a frequent speaker on global forces, health care disruption, and growth strategy. He holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and an A.B. in Computer Science from Dartmouth College, magna cum laude, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Patrick is also a member of the Board of Directors and Finance Committee of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and he resides in Atlanta with his wife Susie. They have three sons.





Highly detailed abstract wide angle view up towards the sky in the financial district of London City and its ultra modern contemporary buildings with unique architecture. Shot on Canon EOS R full frame with 10mm wide angle lens. Image is ideal for background.2021 Corporate Longevity Forecast

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