Elliot is an Associate at Innosight, where he helps companies design innovation and new growth strategies. He has worked with clients across multiple industries including healthcare, telecommunications, and consumer products to identify high potential opportunity areas, blueprint new business models, and develop organizational capabilities for innovation.

Before joining Innosight, Elliot worked on market assessment and growth strategy projects across industry sectors ranging from third party logistics to mining and consumer retail as part of the consulting unit of the global market research firm, Ipsos. Prior to that, he co-managed an e-commerce start-up that went on to receive equity investment from the advertising division of Singapore’s largest transportation company.

Elliot graduated with a B.B.A. honours degree from the National University of Singapore and as an alumnus of the University Scholars Programme. During his time in NUS, he worked closely with a Cambodian humanitarian organization to develop business plans and social return on investment metrics for an upcoming social enterprise initiative in Phnom Penh.

Elliot has an avid interest in the complexities of food, from its origins to its preparation, cultural significance, and the science behind how we perceive taste. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, embarking on expeditions, and practicing the art of muay thai.