Freddy Solis is a Senior Director at Innosight, where he focuses on the Industrial & Technology Solutions practice. He is passionate about helping leaders of forward-thinking organizations navigate disruptive change and brings a deep understanding of strategy, innovation, and technology to clients.

He has extensive experience leading engagements across a broad range of spaces including automotive and mobility, agribusiness, chemicals, consumer electronics, digital and artificial intelligence, food and beverage, logistics, and packaging. Unique to Freddy’s background is his ability to combine practical experience and pattern recognition in these spaces with research-derived insights regarding the principles underlying innovation success.

Prior to Innosight, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Purdue University, serving the R&D department of a Fortune 100 consumer goods corporation on the application of concepts pioneered in his doctoral work. During his tenure at Purdue, Freddy published multiple peer-reviewed articles on topics related to innovation, technology, and design thinking in management and engineering venues. He also has experience in the construction industry, both in healthcare and housing projects across the US and Mexico.

Freddy holds a PhD in Engineering with a focus on innovation science, an MBA, and a Master’s in Civil Engineering, all from Purdue University. He is a native of Mexico and also holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan.



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ai - artificial intelligence and deep learning concept of neural networks. Wave equalizer. Blue and purple lines. Vector illustration“How to Unlock Digital Success in the Industrial Sector”
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