Raina is a Manager at Innosight. She is interested in helping companies change before they think they need to and finds disruptive innovation to be a fascinating issue.

Prior to joining Innosight, Raina worked in consumer electronics and automotive industries. She collaborated with various business divisions (Mobile, Home Appliances, Virtual Reality) to research, design, and test product concepts and prototypes for local and global markets. She conducted qualitative consumer research to extract latent needs and derive insights helpful for targeting specific markets. Raina is interested in the way people think and why people want certain products or services. She believes that by identifying such hidden indicators, consumers can be motivated to think in different ways and shift behaviors.

Raina received her MBA from the Harvard Business School and BS in Materials Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She also minored in Science Journalism and French.

During her free time, Raina enjoys baking, trying new wines, and traveling.