Brooke joined Innosight as an Analyst after graduating from Yale University. 

As a Psychology and Art History double major, she fused the two disciplines in a multisensory art exhibit where she designed taste, sound, smell and touch stimuli to accompany three works of modern art. Previously, she developed and conducted a study at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art investigating the impact of art exposure on early childhood development and creativity. Brooke has research experience at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the Yale Social Cognitive Development Lab and the UCLA Center for Autism Research & Treatment. She published a peer-reviewed article in Advances in Autism advocating a new intervention technique to improve social understanding of individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

An avid cook, Brooke enjoys exploring the intersection of food, nutrition and health and is passionate about devising new ways to minimize food waste. She has experience in the culinary industry working for professional kitchens and catering companies, crafting and executing weekly-changing menus for a pop-up restaurant, and working in the consumer insight/culinary innovation center of an international restaurant chain.

Brooke loves music, playing both piano and saxophone, and sports. She was captain of Yale’s club basketball team and has a second-degree black belt in mixed martial arts.