At Innosight, Winston Larson focuses on helping clients understand complex industrial and technology problems to identify opportunities for rapid growth. He is particularly interested in the ways business model innovation can combine with breakthroughs in basic science or high technology to create growth opportunities for new businesses and products. He has worked with pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, and manufacturing clients to create research accelerators and implement R&D programs that will unlock new market growth.

Prior to Innosight, Winston held engineering positions in the aerospace and petroleum industries, where he helped to develop new capabilities in advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies. He was also a co-founder of an alternative energy startup at MIT.

Winston received SB and SM degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His graduate research centered on applying disruptive innovation theories to energy and robotics research, trying to understand the research capabilities and technological breakthroughs that underlie successful disruptive innovations. Winston’s other research interests include robotics, manufacturing, data science, and energy.