Shivani is an Associate at Innosight, where she works with clients in health insurance, medical device, and consumer goods industries. She has worked with several clients, helping them create long-term sustainability through new business models, products, and processes.

Shivani is particularly interested in creating sustainable business models for social impact ventures in the education sector. She has been a part of social entrepreneurship projects in agriculture and education in parts of Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania, through her time at Babson College, for which her team received the Shelby Cullom Davis Entrepreneurship Award for its consulting work at a social impact non-profit company.

Shivani graduated summa cum laude from Babson as a Presidential Scholar with a concentration in Strategic Management and Quantitative Methods. At Babson, Shivani wrote an Honors thesis that analyzed the aesthetic and mathematical similarity between natural and architectural elements of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Shivani spent a summer studying statistics for economics and econometrics from the London School of Economics.

Prior to Innosight, Shivani was a brand asset valuation intern at Young and Rubicam, analyzing client brands using consumer data. She has also held previous internship positions in start-up companies in London, UK and Silicon Valley, CA.