Tim Gustafson is chief authoring and content officer at Apervita, the world’s first open marketplace for health analytics and data. Before joining Apervita, he was a principal with Innosight, where he focused on disruptive innovation and business model innovation in health care. His projects included creating the world’s first pacemaker loan program in India, developing numerous beyond-the-pill patient programs for the pharmaceutical industry and helping to engineer a company-wide transformation of one of the United States’ largest health insurers. At Apervita he is responsible for enabling a community of authors to share and publish their valuable, and at times life-saving content – including algorithms, pathways, protocols, assessments, measures, and data.

Tim has been focused on innovating the way that good health is delivered and promoted for over 15 years, first as a medical student and resident and then as a consultant for leading global corporations. Tim attended medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, followed by an internship in psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center, and then spent almost a decade as a health-care growth strategy and innovation consultant at both McKinsey & Company and Innosight.

Tim is a speaker and author on topics of health-care innovation, especially computable health and disruptive innovation in health care. He has been featured on NPR and in other forums. Tim has been published in Sloan Management Review, Strategy and Innovation and a number of peer-reviewed scientific journals.

In addition to his medical degree, Tim studied screenwriting at UCLA and graduated from Williams College Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude.