David established Goulait & Associates in 2008 to enable the development of New Market Creation as well as Sustaining Growth business capability. David has both presented and published his learning in numerous formats both in public and corporate settings. His 35+ years of organizational design, management, process and product design, business creation, and practical experience in the leading change are the basis for enabling others to create a new and improved level of innovation and growth.

David joined the Procter & Gamble’s Chief Technology Office in 2004 to lead “Innovation Productivity” for P&G where he created and led the Corporate Disruptive Market Innovation Program. Over the past four years, David has worked closely with P&G corporate and business unit leaders to create New Business capability by using “Disruptive Market Innovation Principles and Tools” for insuring sustainable corporate growth for P&G. David also created and led the Innovation Productivity Community of Practice and the Front End of Innovation process and system development. Both of these efforts are focused on creating systems to substantially improve the Sustaining Growth effort, while the Disruptive Market Innovation Program is focused on creating new growth. An outcome of this capability creation has enabled P&G to be recognized as one of “Fortune’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies” for the past 4 years, while P&G continues to grow at double digit rates.

Prior to the Corporate DMI Leader role, David led R&D organizations responsible for New Product Development, “White Space Expansion,” Technology Development, Material Development and Process Development in multi-billion dollar business units. During this period, he received more than 50 patents in product design, material design, process, and fundamental science. In this previous role, he led the development of new products for a now $7+ B brand that included low-cost, mid, and premium tiers as well as new market creation designs. David has substantial experience with customers and consumers though-out the world.

Prior to transferring to R&D in 1984, David spent seven years in plant manufacturing in both HPW (High Performance Work-System) and unionized plants. During this period, he held Production, Industrial Engineering, Quality Control leadership roles and was responsible for quality systems, production, organizational design, plant budgets, continuous improvement programs, and organizational change efforts.

David has BSIE and MSIE degrees from Purdue University (1972, 1973) and MBA from Xavier University in 1987. After serving four years in the U. S. Army, David joined P&G in 1977. David is a member of PDMA where he is recognized as a Certified New Product development Professional.