Annie is an Associate at Innosight, where she has helped companies develop customized strategies for innovation and growth. She has worked with clients across industries, from healthcare to automotive, to apply Innosight’s theories. She is particularly interested in organizational behavior and decision making as it relates to a company’s ability to transform and grow.

Prior to joining the firm full-time, Annie participated in Innosight’s 10-week summer internship program. She also spent a summer conducting consumer-behavior and decisions-neuroscience research at Harvard Business School.

Annie graduated from Harvard College with Honors, where she studied Neurobiology with a focus on Behavioral Economics and completed a thesis proposing mindfulness meditation as an intervention to enhance cognition and decision making.

Annie is passionate about community building both at Innosight and in her personal life. While at the firm, Annie started a series of Book Club initiatives and joined Innosight’s Social Steering Committee. As an active member of the Alumnae Network for Harvard Women (ANHW) as well as Harvard DAPA’s Alumni Board, she also enjoys organizing social networking and speaking events in the Boston area.