Asher is a Senior Associate at Innosight. He has worked with clients across several industries including telecoms, consumer packaged goods, food & beverage and pharmaceuticals; helping clients create innovation capabilities and discover new growth opportunities. Asher has field experience uncovering customer jobs-to-be-done in Australia, Japan and China.

He comes to Innosight from a start-up called smove where he helped create an electric-vehicle sharing service in Singapore. He planned and executed on the road-map for the launch of the service. Prior to that, he handled large scale projects across nine countries in South East Asia at JPMorgan. He also worked as a Financial Analyst at IBM in Toronto.

Asher is obsessed with trends and cutting edge innovations across industries. He attended Singularity University to fully understand the exponential technologies that will change almost every aspect of our lives. A highly selective program that takes place at the NASA Ames Center in California, it connects the minds that will come up with the next great innovations with thought-leaders in a variety of sectors.

As a co-curator of TEDxSingapore, Asher is well integrated into the network of change-makers in Asia who are disrupting their respective fields. Asher has an adventurous streak that has taken him scuba diving in the underwater caves in Mexico, hiking in the glaciers of Alaska and into zero gravity to experience weightlessness. He is a perpetual globetrotter and a passionate photographer.

Asher holds a B.B.A degree from the Schulich School of Business at York University, Canada.