Kristen is a Managing Director at Innosight and co-lead of Innosight’s Consumer, Media, and Technology practice area. She has more than 15 years of experience helping clients in consumer, healthcare, retail, and industrial industries to devise growth strategies, structure new business models, and build organizational capabilities to navigate disruptive change and transform their businesses. Kristen is an expert on related topics such as “jobs to be done”, brand and experience transformation, and a trusted advisor to senior executives on growth strategy, organizational transformation, and innovation. She currently serves as a member of Huron’s Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion council.

Before joining Innosight, Kristen worked as a consultant in Booz Allen Hamilton’s strategic technology and innovation group and as a marketing strategy consultant for consumer products, retail, and industrial clients. Prior to consulting, Kristen worked in immigration law and co-founded an award-winning event production company.

Kristen received an MBA from Babson College. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and economics from Tufts University.




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