Frank Capek is a Project Consultant at Innosight. Over the past 35 years, he has helped senior leaders across virtually every industry transform performance by innovating experiences for customers, employees, and other stakeholders. These efforts have contributed a total business impact of well over $100B and, in several cases, shifted the competitive dynamics of entire industries.

Frank is effective at inspiring and building executive alignment, developing strong teams, focusing investments on well-defined outcomes, translating creative customer intelligence and collaboration into designs that drive growth, developing and transforming business models, and aligning employee experiences that build engagement and shape organizational behavior.

In 1994, Frank launched the first Experience Transformation consulting practice; with a fully integrated approach to business growth, customer experience (CX), and employee experience (EX).  Prior to joining Innosight, Frank developed this practice as the CEO of Customer Innovations and in practice leadership roles with CSC Index, The Concours Group, and eLoyalty.

Frank is an expert on the integration of design and the cognitive and behavioral sciences. He’s pioneered and applied an extensive array of tools for diagnosing and influencing how people perceive, interpret, engage, and act on their experiences. The focal point of his work in this area is the Design for Behavior toolset that has been instrumental in the creation of influential experiences addressing health, financial, environmental, artistic, and social wellbeing.

Prior to moving into consulting, Frank led the advanced technology and artificial intelligence groups for Chase Manhattan.  In this capacity, he was responsible for several of the first commercially successful expert system and machine learning applications in the financial services industry.

His work in experience design began in 1984 with research on the integration of design and cognitive science.  Frank has degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and Mathematics from State University of New York.