Ned Calder is a Managing Director at Innosight based in Boston and a leader of the Industrial & Technology Solutions practice. In over a decade with Innosight, he has partnered with leadership teams of some of the world’s top companies to navigate disruptive change and transform into the next version of themselves.

Ned has extensive experience helping companies find, develop, and commercialize high-potential growth opportunities across a wide range of industries including automotive, high-tech, materials, manufacturing, aerospace, and defense. His work has enabled organizations to define and align on a unified strategy for long-term growth, develop new business models for products and services, and build the organizational enablers and capabilities required to support the transformation.

Ned is a thought leader, speaker, and author on various topics related to technology-driven industries including the future of the automotive industry, R&D, Industrial IoT, and digital services and business models. His perspectives have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, and Forbes. Two of his most recent publications include: “Building a Direct-to-Consumer Strategy Without Alienating Your Distributors” (Harvard Business Review, 2018), and “Why It’s Not Too Late to Build Your Own Industrial Internet Platform” (IndustryWeek, 2017).

Prior to joining Innosight, Ned worked with a range of science and engineering-based organizations such as NASA and Atlas Scientific. He also co-founded a number of start-ups including a Cambridge-based biotechnology start-up that is developing biological systems for energy production. Ned holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Northwestern University and a Masters of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



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