Thiemo Werner is a Senior Director at Innosight, based in Zurich. He works with leadership teams across industries to develop long-term growth strategies, build innovation capabilities and establish VC-like governance systems. Since joining Innosight, Thiemo has worked extensively on strategy projects across central and northern Europe and in the United States. He is a leader… Read More

Shari is a Senior Director at Innosight based in London. He is passionate about helping leading companies navigate change and drive growth through strategic transformation and innovation. Since joining Innosight, Shari has worked for several of the world’s leading companies across a range of B2B and B2C industries – including utilities, food & nutrition, consumer… Read More

Andy Parker is a Managing Director at Innosight. He has nearly two decades of strategy consulting experience working, and being based for significant periods of time, in both developed and emerging markets across six continents. At Innosight Andy’s work focuses on helping senior clients develop long-term growth strategies, manage transformation, design new disruptive growth businesses… Read More