Adrian is an Analyst at Innosight where he works with clients to develop growth strategies and build new ventures. He is particularly interested in consumer behavior; while at university he has conducted research on the bound rationality of decision makers. He is therefore especially excited to identify new growth opportunities through the customer needs-based Innosight… Read More

Muireann is an Associate at Innosight in Europe, where she works with clients to develop innovation capabilities and growth strategies. She is passionate about helping companies launch new ventures and respond to changing external contexts, with a particular interest in energy and sustainability. Prior to joining the firm Muireann was with the World Economic Forum… Read More

Thiemo is a Manager at Innosight, where he works with global clients across industries to build innovation capabilities, establish innovation governance systems, and to launch new business ventures. Prior to joining the firm, Thiemo worked for Boehringer Ingelheim, a multinational pharmaceutical company. Here, he was part of a newly created team, focusing on business model innovation in… Read More

Shahriar is a Manager at Innosight, where he works with clients to develop transformative growth strategies and new business models. Prior to joining Innosight, Shahriar worked for a leading steel distributor – first in locations across Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific on the firm’s interdisciplinary training program, and finally in Dubai, where his primary… Read More

As Senior Partner, Bernard C. Kümmerli built and leads Innosight’s European operations. He has worked with global clients to design strategies for enduring growth, build innovation capabilities, and put in place VC like governance system to make dual transformation happen. He has helped his clients around the world implementing breakthrough innovation techniques such as growth… Read More

Annabel is a Senior Associate at Innosight, where she works with clients to build new business models and innovation capabilities. She is passionate about helping clients see patterns of change and discover strategic opportunities in the midst of disruptive threats. One of her most memorable projects at Innosight was to help a telecom provider develop a… Read More

Andrew is an associate at Innosight where he works with clients to develop growth strategies and build new ventures. Andrew has experience serving clients in the medical devices, financial services and chemicals industries and has collaborated with client teams on growth strategy, organization design and new business model development.  Andrew is particularly interested in taking… Read More