TY is an analyst at Innosight, where he helps clients design and implement new growth strategies. Prior to Innosight, TY has had previous work experiences in mergers and acquisitions with Deutsche Bank and KPMG Corporate Finance. He looks forward to bringing together his background in corporate finance and economics to help companies identify “white space”… Read More

Utsav Bhatt is a Senior Associate at Innosight, where he works with clients to build new business models and innovation capabilities. He is enthusiastic about helping clients create their growth strategies in an era of breakthrough digital technologies, niche offerings from startups, changing customer expectations and a dire need of companies to reinvent themselves. Prior… Read More

Scott D. Anthony is the Managing Partner of Innosight. Based in the firm’s Singapore offices since 2010, he has led Innosight’s expansion into the Asia-Pacific region as well as its venture capital activities (Innosight Ventures). In his more than a decade with Innosight, Scott has advised senior leaders in companies such as Procter & Gamble,… Read More

Rahul works as a Manager at Innosight. As part of the team, he has worked on engagements with companies in the healthcare industries to design and implement innovative new growth strategies. Prior to joining Innosight, Rahul was employed with Indian based life insurance company, IDBI Fortis, as an Agency Manager where his responsibilities included team… Read More

Pontus is an Innosight Partner who has been based in the Singapore office for 5 years. During his tenure, he has worked across the region and has helped clients such as Johnson & Johnson, the Ayala Group, Caltex Australia and LG address the challenges of innovation and new growth. He has worked extensively on innovation… Read More

Piyush joined Innosight Ventures in 2008 with a decade-long experience in financial roles in India, Indonesia, Australia, UAE, and Singapore. His current role is to source, evaluate, structure, monitor, and manage early stage investments in Singapore. He serves on the board of www.chope.com.sg and www.luxenomad.com. Additionally, he manages the finance and compliance functions within the… Read More

Pete is a Partner at Innosight Ventures, where he manages the IDEAS Ventures incubator in Singapore. IDEAS Ventures is the world’s first early-stage venture incubator using the principles of Disruptive Innovation to select startups with the greatest disruptive potential and guide them through their early stages of growth. Before Innosight, Pete served as CEO of… Read More

Elliot is an Associate at Innosight, where he helps companies design innovation and new growth strategies. He has worked with clients across multiple industries including healthcare, telecommunications, and consumer products to identify high potential opportunity areas, blueprint new business models, and develop organizational capabilities for innovation. Before joining Innosight, Elliot worked on market assessment and… Read More

Asher Devang is a Senior Associate at Innosight. He has worked with clients across several industries including telecoms, automotive, consumer packaged goods, food & beverage and pharmaceuticals; helping clients formulate their strategy, discover new growth opportunities and create innovation capabilities. Asher has extensive field experience uncovering customer jobs-to-be-done in Australia, China, India, Japan and Singapore.… Read More

Andy is a Partner with Innosight in Singapore, where he helps Asian clients develop innovation capabilities and launch new growth businesses. Prior to joining Innosight, Andy spent two years at Accenture’s Innovation Center in Singapore, where he designed and delivered breakthrough workshops for clients on their most important strategic issues and opportunities.  Prior to his move to… Read More