Joe is a Senior Associate at Innosight, where he enjoys working with forward-thinking organizations across multiple sectors to build resilient, sustainable long-term growth strategies. Prior to Innosight, Joe worked in strategic communications and political consulting, developing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, presidential candidates, and global foundations. He started his career as an English teacher in… Read More

Chris is a Senior Associate at Innosight where he enjoys helping companies thrive in the face of complex challenges. He has an ability to uncover analytical insights to face down strategic challenges. Prior to Innosight, Chris was an engineer at Plains All American Pipeline where he helped improve energy efficiency and create new methods to… Read More

Kate is a Senior Associate at Innosight where she enjoys using human-centered design strategies to help growth. Prior to Innosight, Kate worked at branding firm Siegel+Gale where she grew the agency’s west coast presence. At Wavelength, a cleantech startup, she built the company’s strategy and client base as one of two employees. At the tech… Read More

John is an Associate at Innosight where he enjoys helping companies develop transformative growth strategies. He originally joined Innosight as a summer analyst in 2020.  Prior to Innosight, John worked at Advention Business Partners, a consulting firm, and co-founded a startup at Dartmouth providing dorm mattress rentals to various colleges. Through these experiences, John established… Read More

Nina is an Associate at Innosight where she enjoys working with clients to create innovative growth strategies. Prior to Innosight, Nina has held positions in journalism, PR, social media, brand strategy, and marketing, notably at The Walt Disney Company. Most recently, she worked with a media startup and helped triple the company’s client base over… Read More

Gigi is an Analyst at Innosight where she enjoys helping businesses implement sustainable growth strategies and build capacity to weather disruptive change across industries. Prior to joining Innosight, Gigi worked on political campaigns in New Hampshire, helping candidates reach student voters and fundraise.  Gigi graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in Government. She wrote her… Read More

Omika is a Senior Associate at Innosight and enjoys working with companies to explore the unknown and identify opportunities that don’t yet exist. She loves merging strategic thinking with entrepreneurial curiosity. Prior to joining Innosight, Omika supported the international development consulting IDinsight through a sustained period of exponential growth. She also served as an international… Read More

Angela is an Analyst at Innosight and enjoys helping companies own the future, rather than be disrupted by it. She has project experience in a range of industries, including consumer products, healthcare, tech, education, and accounting. Prior to Innosight, Angela interned for Justice Hantz Marconi of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. She served two terms… Read More

Claire is a Manager at Innosight. She is passionate about drawing connections across industries to help companies find and articulate their growth strategies. Prior to Innosight, Claire worked as a healthcare consultant in DC, where her focus was on bundled payments and early ACA implementation. She also has worked at a start-up providing care delivery… Read More

Dr. Thomas Hagmann is a Partner at Innosight, based in Switzerland. He has almost 20 years of experience in developing and implementing growth strategies. Thomas supports clients across a variety of sectors with their growth and innovation strategies, strategic transformation, and new business models. Before joining Innosight, Thomas was a partner at EY-Parthenon, where he… Read More