Utsav Bhatt is a Senior Associate at Innosight, where he works with clients to build new business models and innovation capabilities. He is enthusiastic about helping clients create their growth strategies in an era of breakthrough digital technologies, niche offerings from startups, changing customer expectations and a dire need of companies to reinvent themselves. Prior… Read More

Jordan is an Associate at Innosight. Jordan exercises the scientific method, sound business principles, and a practice of consumer empathy to empower organizations to form the habits of innovation. Prior to Innosight, Jordan worked at Ventria Bioscience, where she genetically engineered rice to produce life-saving protein pharmaceuticals. During her time at Ventria, she engineered over… Read More

Sid joined Innosight as an Analyst after graduating with his PhD in drug delivery and absorption. As part of his dissertation research he worked in collaboration with the FDA, on understanding the mechanisms by which the consumption of food could affect the absorption and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. He has worked in MedImmune as well… Read More

Tim is an Analyst at Innosight, where he works with clients to help them design their growth strategies. Prior to joining Innosight, Tim was a researcher at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, where he studied near-term impacts of artificial intelligence, distribution of the web, and national security topics. Before… Read More

Xiaoxing is an Associate at Innosight. Xiaoxing is passionate about helping a great company continue to be great in the future. Prior joining Innosight, Xiaoxing worked at Decision Resource Group, a market research and healthcare consulting firm, helped pharmaceutical companies understand the competitive landscape of their products and developed market launch strategies. Previously, Xiaoxing did… Read More

Emmanuel is a Principal at Innosight’s European operations in Lausanne (Switzerland). He leads consulting engagements aimed at helping clients to revive their core business and launch new growth businesses. Prior to Innosight, Emmanuel worked for Volkswagen in Wolfsburg (Germany), where he drove the group’s strategic initiative for a Budget Car in emerging markets and led… Read More

Michael is an Analyst at Innosight. He is excited about corporate growth strategies and brings background experience in Finance to aid companies in developing their strategic directions. Prior to Innosight, Michael worked with a financial services firm to develop a product offering targeted at the millennial generation. In addition, Michael has spent much of his… Read More

Emily is a Senior Associate at Innosight. She combines creativity with strategic thinking and is passionate about developing new business models and innovation capabilities for companies across industries. Prior to joining Innosight, Emily was a Program Associate for Creative Capital Foundation, where she worked to design and implement a $41 million grantmaking initiative, the Doris… Read More

Rob is a Senior Associate at Innosight. He is passionate about helping organizations confront and address complex challenges, with a particular interest in sustainability and natural resources. During graduate school, Rob spent a summer working as an internal management consultant for the National Park Service. Prior to that, he worked at the World Resources Institute,… Read More

Freddy is an Associate at Innosight. Prior to Innosight, he was a postdoctoral research associate at Purdue University. In this role, Freddy worked with the R&D department of a Fortune 100 consumer goods corporation, exploring the application of concepts pioneered in his doctoral work related to high-impact innovations and innovative thinking. During his tenure at… Read More