Bryant is an Analyst at Innosight, where he has applied Innosight principles to develop strategies with clients ranging from automotive to healthcare. He is particularly interested in the methodology to repeatedly create highly successful business models. Prior to joining Innosight full-time, Bryant took part in Innosight’s 10-week summer internship program. He also spent a summer… Read More

Julia is an Associate at Innosight. She is excited about transformational growth in complex ecosystems. She is especially interested in helping organizations develop new business models while playing leadership roles in driving system-wide change. Prior to joining Innosight, Julia was an Analytics Manager in Nielsen’s marketing effectiveness practice area. She advised consumer packaged goods clients… Read More

Colin is an Associate at Innosight. He is committed to helping organizations address existential questions and build new ways of serving people. While in graduate school, Colin spent a summer working in the strategic planning group at Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street. He was previously an analyst at corporate investigations and… Read More

Rob Bell is a partner at Innosight, and a leader in the Industry and Technology practice. He focuses on helping leadership teams navigate disruptive change and develop future strategies for transformational growth. Rob brings over 20 years of experience serving senior executives on their most significant strategy and innovation challenges in a broad array of… Read More

Michael worked as an analyst for Adage Capital, a hedge fund with $40 billion under management and a track record of consistently beating the market. Afterwards, he started a tech company in Silicon Valley and raised money from Highland Capital, a top ten venture fund in the world. He came to Innosight to learn how… Read More

Matt is an Analyst at Innosight. He is excited about innovation within larger organizations, and brings his background in venture capital and technology investment banking to help companies develop their strategic direction. He is especially interested in how industry incumbents and larger firms can remain nimble and innovative. Matt received his B.A. in Philosophy from… Read More

Alex is an Associate at Innosight, where he develops innovative growth strategies that help companies transform into the future version of themselves. Prior to joining Innosight, Alex helped develop and evaluate mobile telecommunications strategies at TracFone Wireless, the nation’s largest prepaid wireless provider. During his MBA, he interned at Hilton Worldwide, where he created growth… Read More

Toby is an Analyst at Innosight, where he is interested in helping companies understand how to create the systems, structures, and culture necessary to cultivate innovation and disruption from within. He is also passionate about finding ways to transform the payer-provider relationship in healthcare, in order to facilitate improved health outcomes at both the community… Read More

Athena is an Associate at Innosight. She is excited about growth and transformation and brings background experience in Sales and Marketing to help companies think from strategy to implementation and create new avenues for growth. Prior to joining Innosight, Athena has worked in food and beverage, biopharma and chemical industries. She had designed wholesaler compensation… Read More

Abhilasha is an Associate at Innosight where she helps companies innovate to succeed in the future. She is specifically interested in the role that technology plays in driving and shaping innovation. Abhilasha completed her MBA from Harvard Business School where she was actively associated with student initiatives focused on technology, education and healthcare. Prior to… Read More