Challenge Experian is a global information services company with hundreds of data, software, and analytics products generating more than $6 billion in annual revenue. One of the first companies to aggregate credit paying histories of borrowers to inform risk assessment in lending and other markets, it expanded into direct-to-consumer markets in 2001, selling credit reports… Read More

Founded in 1968 as the Development Bank of Singapore, DBS was integral to the rise of the newly independent nation. By offering traditional branch services, DBS grew into the largest bank in Southeast Asia, reaching $400 billion in assets. But as with many firms, big company success led to a bureaucratic culture with engrained habits.… Read More

A VENTURE-CAPITAL INSPIRED APPROACH TO GROWTH Over its 150+ year history, Bayer has become firmly established in core markets across healthcare and agriculture. But with CEO Werner Baumann declaring that innovation is critical to new growth and executing its mission of “Science For A Better Life,” leaders needed to identify how to boost innovation performance.… Read More

REPOSITIONING FOR THE NEW WORLD OF RETIREMENT Only 13% of private sector U.S. workers now have defined benefit pensions, down from 38% a generation ago—while at the same time life expectancy for a retiree has increased from 81 to 85. As the prevalence of defined benefit plans has declined, there has been a corresponding increase… Read More

DETECTING MARKETPLACE FAULT LINES Over the course of 160 years, Aetna had grown into one of America’s premiere insurance companies. But in 2010, incoming CEO Mark Bertolini made a case to the board of directors for major change despite strong growth and steady profits. He was driven in part by personal experiences that left him… Read More

VENTURING BEYOND CORE MARKETS Already the largest operator of fueling stations in Australia, Caltex sought new ways to reach its target of 8% annual growth during a time of falling oil prices and flat demand. The leadership team recognized that they would need to move beyond its core—to pursue a portfolio of new opportunities to… Read More

DISRUPTING THE CARE MODEL By leading the industry in opening clinics inside its stores, Walgreens was already shifting to providing affordable care—by offering flu shots and basic testing in a convenient setting for accessible prices. But expanding into more complex health services presented a greater challenge. Developing disruptive mechanisms to simplify, decentralize, and drive down… Read More

GETTING INNOVATION BACK Over its 200-year history, Citi had established a long history as an innovator in global banking, from funding the transatlantic cable to establishing the first Foreign Exchange Network to the pioneering of ATMs. But senior leadership acknowledged that the company had lost its footing in the years leading up to 2008 as… Read More

IDENTIFYING BARRIERS TO CARDIAC CARE Across India, heart disease has been rising, with some studies estimating that this nation of 1 billion accounts for 60% of the world’s heart disease. Since most people don’t have health insurance, only a tiny percentage can afford proper cardiac care. As the world’s leading company dedicated to medical devices, Medtronic… Read More

CONFRONTING A GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS The two-day event attracted a wide range of leaders—including public health and supply chain experts—from places as diverse as the World Health Organization (WHO), MIT, Partners in Health, and Wal-Mart. Convening at Innosight’s Business Design Lab, the MDR-TB Solutions Summit began by laying out the severity of the problem for… Read More