Founded in 1968 as the Development Bank of Singapore, DBS was integral to the rise of the newly independent nation. By offering traditional branch services, DBS grew into the largest bank in Southeast Asia, reaching $400 billion in assets. But as with many firms, big company success led to a bureaucratic culture with engrained habits.… Read More

A VENTURE-CAPITAL INSPIRED APPROACH TO GROWTH Over its 150+ year history, Bayer has become firmly established in core markets across healthcare and agriculture. But with CEO Werner Baumann declaring that innovation is critical to new growth and executing its mission of “Science For A Better Life,” leaders needed to identify how to boost innovation performance.… Read More

REPOSITIONING FOR THE NEW WORLD OF RETIREMENT Only 13% of private sector U.S. workers now have defined benefit pensions, down from 38% a generation ago—while at the same time life expectancy for a retiree has increased from 81 to 85. As the prevalence of defined benefit plans has declined, there has been a corresponding increase… Read More

REINVENTING THE GROCERY EXPERIENCE As grocery stores have grown into 30,000 square foot supermarkets and even larger hypermarkets, the food retailing business has become focused on scale and selection, often overshooting the needs of many shoppers. To move away from the “one size fits all” approach, one of the world’s largest supermarket chains asked Innosight… Read More

GOING BEYOND MANUFACTURING For over seventy five years, the Latrobe, Penn. company has prospered by manufacturing high-performance tooling for those who reshape materials—from machine shops to mining operators to oil and gas drilling customers. But relationships with its customers had always been transactional, meaning there were lost opportunities to serve customers while they were actually… Read More

VENTURING BEYOND CORE MARKETS Already the largest operator of fueling stations in Australia, Caltex sought new ways to reach its target of 8% annual growth during a time of falling oil prices and flat demand. The leadership team recognized that they would need to move beyond its core—to pursue a portfolio of new opportunities to… Read More

GETTING A MAJOR GROWTH INITIATIVE UNSTUCK Big companies need big wins to move the needle on growth. As the largest firm of its kind in Asia, with $15 billion in revenues and 300,000 employees, Tata Consultancy Services launched iON in 2011 with the ambition of penetrating India’s small and medium business (SMB) market first and… Read More

BUILDING ON SUCCESS BY JUMPSTARTING NEW GROWTH When the municipal utility was formed in 1997, only a quarter of homes in the Philippines capital had reliable access to potable tap water. But over the next fifteen years, this division of a publicly traded company solved the crisis by working to bring drinkable water round the… Read More

DISRUPTING THE CARE MODEL By leading the industry in opening clinics inside its stores, Walgreens was already shifting to providing affordable care—by offering flu shots and basic testing in a convenient setting for accessible prices. But expanding into more complex health services presented a greater challenge. Developing disruptive mechanisms to simplify, decentralize, and drive down… Read More

GETTING INNOVATION BACK Over its 200-year history, Citi had established a long history as an innovator in global banking, from funding the transatlantic cable to establishing the first Foreign Exchange Network to the pioneering of ATMs. But senior leadership acknowledged that the company had lost its footing in the years leading up to 2008 as… Read More