Jobs to be done (JTBD), popularized by the late Harvard Business School professor and Innosight co-founder Clayton Christensen, is a powerful approach to ensuring your strategy, products, and culture are all guided by creating value for customers. Innosight has over 20 years of helping clients to apply jobs to be done to a wide variety of business problems and to build it as a core component of their strategy and innovation capabilities. Our JTBD services help organizations in three areas:

  • Strategy: Develop a broad view of the changing needs of your customers to generate new customer-centric strategies and identify opportunities for growth. ​
  • Product: Generate fresh insights on what your customers truly value to drive strategic investment decisions that determine product development priorities.​
  • Culture: Empower all the members of your team, regardless of their role, to think and act in a way that aligns with customer value and drives a culture of customer-centricity.


Our services include:

Learn how LinkedIn prepared for the future of work using JTBD.

Jobs-to-Be-Done Masterclasses and Custom Training Programs: Our foundational masterclasses are designed to ground participants in JTBD thinking, create space to discuss and understand key concepts, and help participants practice concepts in the context of their organizations’ business challenges. Participants learn a powerful range of concepts, techniques, and tools they can apply immediately in their day-to-day work regardless of their role. In addition, we work with organizations to create training programs and workshops that are customized to specific industries, teams, or groups, often in collaboration with their learning and leadership development teams.

Jobs-to-Be-Done Capability-Building Pilots: While our training programs provide the necessary foundation, we often continue to provide clients with hands-on support as they apply JTBD methods to real-world project contexts. This can take the form of ongoing coaching, project-focused workshop, or consulting support as the project unfolds to maximize the value each project derives from jobs to be done as well as organizational learning and capability building.

Customer-Centric Strategy Development: As companies reevaluate existing strategies and look for new growth opportunities, it is essential to understand how the needs of customers are changing and what they will look like in the future. In short, we work with leading organizations to determine customer-centric where to play and how to win choices. Our collaborative approach helps you identify strategic focus areas that are aligned with your customers’ priority jobs, your organization’s unique assets and capabilities, and your view of the future.


Meet Our Leaders


David S. Duncan

Senior Partner, Boston



David S. Duncan is focused on helping leaders to develop customer-centric teams, strategies, and organizations. He has advised and written extensively on how organizations can build systematic capabilities for innovation and is a leading authority on the theory and application of Jobs to Be Done.


Pontus Siren

Partner, Switzerland



Pontus Siren has helped clients across Europe and Asia address the challenges of innovation and new growth. He has worked extensively on innovation growth strategies and capabilities, and regularly advises senior managers on topics including Jobs to Be Done.


Utsav Bhatt

Associate Partner, Singapore



Utsav Bhatt is enthusiastic about helping clients navigate disruptive change and reinvent themselves. He has helped clients identify new growth opportunities, transform existing business models, and drive a customer-centric culture. Utsav is a seasoned faculty on Jobs to Be Done and Innovation training programs.


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