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Persuade Your Company to Change Before It's Too Late
By: Pontus Siren, Scott D. Anthony, and Utsav Bhatt

Is your organization changing as fast as your industry? Waiting for supporting data could put your team on a "burning platform." Make the case for change and seize new opportunities before the competition. New in Harvard Business Review.

Leading Transformation
Report | June 2022

Drawing on extensive research, we’ve identified seven consumer staples companies that stand apart from the rest in their ability to navigate the unique headwinds and changes in the industry.

Report | February 2022

See the highlights from our 2021 Berlin Innovation Summit and learn how German institutions are navigating disruption to create the next wave of prosperity.

Report | May 2021

As S&P 500 lifespans continue to decline, fast-shaping “hybrid industries” create new risks and opportunities.

Executive Briefing | December 2021

The effects of the disruptive forces in industrials are large and non-linear. A "future-back" approach to strategy can give organizations the confidence to act and break the cycle of "better sameness."

Executive Briefing | March 2021

Ask these four questions to help shape a sustainability strategy in your organization that unlocks growth and value creation.

e-book | March 2021

Innovation often takes place via poorly understood mechanisms. These pathways can produce great results, but they can also lead to wasted time and resources. A mapping exercise can reveal what's working and optimize investments for better results.

Book | October 2020

Our new book lays out a system-level way to encourage and enable people to think and act beyond the status quo and build a culture of innovation. Discover how to empower individuals and teams inside your organization to be their most curious and creative — every single day.

Customer Centricity
Book | May 2021

Learn to think like a market detective to solve the mystery of customer behavior. David Duncan shows you how in his instructive story of Tazza, a fictional chain of cafes trying to go big time.