Disruptive threats are all around, in every industry, threatening to unseat leading incumbents—even those that consider themselves “safe.” But disruptive change can also present the biggest opportunity of a lifetime, all depending on how a company responds. It is not taking a “wait-and-see” approach. Nor is it doubling down on the traditional business.

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Rather, the better response is “dual transformation”—two distinct but parallel efforts to strengthen the core (A) and to create tomorrow’s new growth engine (B). Connecting these efforts is a capabilities link (C) that leverages valuable assets like brand, distribution and accumulated know-how. A dual approach enables companies to preserve their leadership in the existing markets while ensuring that new growth efforts get the attention, capabilities, and resources they need.

In this webinar, Anthony explores insights from his latest book “Dual Transformation.” You’ll learn:

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  • How to look for and identify the early warning signs of disruption
  • How to bring clarity and focus to strategic choices and other best practices for leading dual transformation
  • How to combine unique assets of scale with entrepreneurial energy to drive innovation
  • Case examples from transformational companies including Adobe, Aetna, Singtel and Netflix 

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