In this webcast, David Duncan, Innosight senior partner and co-author of “Competing Against Luck,” discusses using jobs to be done to answer the most important question driving your strategy.

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“What business are you in?” is the central question that any strategy needs to answer. But even the most successful organizations fall into the trap of too narrowly defining themselves based on the products and services they sell today, leaving them vulnerable to disruption.

Jobs to be done is a proven framework for understanding customer needs and why customers do or don’t adopt new innovations. But it also provides a powerful lens for defining what business you are in. By orienting your strategy around customer jobs, you can widen the aperture of who your potential customers are, identify better opportunities for innovation, and reveal your true competition.

Drawing from his new book, “Competing Against Luck,” coauthored with Clay Christensen, as well as 15 years of research and practice at Innosight, Duncan discusses how you can:
  • Use jobs to discover fresh insights about your own industry, organization, and role
  • Overcome common obstacles like org structures that prevent companies from using a jobs lens
  • Align your organization around jobs to create a customer-centric mission
  • Learn from leading institutions that have used jobs thinking to transform their organizations

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