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Leadership alignment is a persistent challenge. CEOs and senior teams often seem aligned on strategy – but in fact can be plagued by divisions and doubts just below the surface. The lack of unity can create paralysis and derail critical initiatives

The problem is a human one – and it’s solvable.

Watch Innosight’s Bernard Kümmerli and Scott Anthony, authors of the new Harvard Business Review article “Unite Your Senior Team,” as they share a programmatic approach to getting your leadership team aligned around a strategy for the future. 

Drawing on thinking from neuroscience and behavioral psychology, and work with corporate leaders, Bernard and Scott explore:

  • What causes leadership misalignment – and why it is so persistent
  • How executive teams can establish a foundation of common language and understanding for the future
  • How “Walk the Line” and other innovative exercises can help leaders expose hidden misalignment
  • A case study on how the leadership team of Swisscom converged on a “North Star” long-term growth strategy

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