Featuring Mark W. Johnson, cofounder and senior partner at Innosight, and Innosight partner Josh Suskewicz, coauthors of the new book Lead from the Future: How to Turn Visionary Thinking Into Breakthrough Growth.

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As the Covid-19 pandemic shakes the global economy and disrupts the way we live, work, and conduct business, leaders are scrambling to manage the immediate fallout. But, visionaries like Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela didn’t simply react to the most imminent threats confronting them; they were guided – and guided their people in turn – by their vision for a better future, after those challenges had been overcome.

Articulating and acting on such a vision is especially urgent during a crisis that is as global and systemic as this one, in which the pace of change has radically accelerated. The business environment we find ourselves in when the crisis comes to an end will be very different from what it was before the crisis began. What can you do to prepare for it today?

In their brand new book, Lead from the Future, Mark Johnson and Josh Suskewicz introduce the “future-back” framework and an approach to strategy and leadership that empowers executives to envision breakthrough opportunities and lead with purpose.

In this on-demand webcast with Q&A they discuss how future-back thinking can enable leaders to:

  • Navigate the COVID-19 disruption by leading with purpose
  • Confidently move between “present-forward” management of the urgent and “future-back” thinking to spot and seize future opportunities
  • Create an inspiring vision for your organization and translate it into an actionable strategy
  • Successfully innovate during downturns as Apple, Johnson & Johnson, and others have done

Leaders and companies that know how to develop a vision and turn it into an implementable strategy will emerge both stronger and more resilient than ever.