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Despite heavy investments in digital transformation, 66 percent of industrial and B2B company leaders say they are falling short of their digital goals. In part, that’s because digital investments have focused overwhelmingly on productivity and operational improvements, while more impactful growth opportunities – transformed customer experiences and ground-breaking new solutions – go unfulfilled.

How can industrials unlock the full potential of digital initiatives? For starters, they need to let go of the notion of a “digital strategy” in favor of ensuring that digital is clearly connected to their business strategy and business outcomes.

In this on-demand webcast, you’ll hear from Innosight’s Ned Calder, Rob Bell, and Freddy Solis about the power of an “outcomes-driven” approach to digital. This approach ensures that digital initiatives are designed to advance your company’s business strategy through measurable outcomes like revenue growth and customer retention. In this webcast, they explore:

  • Why the industrial sector’s unique dynamics require unique approaches to digital – and not simply copying B2C playbooks
  • Why there is no such thing as a digital strategy – only digital priorities that enable business strategies
  • How to develop outcomes-driven digital priorities using five interlocking steps
  • How to move from tech-centric to customer-centric solutions – and overcome other common blockers to successful digital initiatives



Rob Bell is a Partner at Innosight and a co-leader of the Industrials & Technology practice.

Ned Calder is a Partner at Innosight and a co-leader of the Industrials & Technology practice.

Freddy Solis is an Associate Partner at Innosight.