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The promise of artificial intelligence is immense, and it has rapidly ascended to the forefront of leadership agendas. One recent survey showed 75% of CEOs believe their future competitive advantage depends on who has the most advanced generative AI.

Given the sheer scale and scope of the opportunity, companies are both energized and unprepared.

In this webinar, we’ll aim to cut through the hype and uncertainty around AI by drawing on tested Innosight lenses for understanding the impact of new, disruptive technologies, and how AI can spur growth and transformation. Join Innosight’s Shari Parvarandeh, Ned Calder, and Freddy Solis, authors of the new e-book “Leading into the Age of AI.”

Key takeaways:

  1. How companies can overcome the “Innovator’s Dilemma” phenomenon in the face of the disruptive effects of AI
  2. Why it’s critical for senior leaders to align around a common language and understanding
  3. Key recommendations for implementing AI into strategy, talent, culture, data
  4. Best-in-class examples of AI by early adopters
  5. How to manage AI uncertainty

Join us Wednesday, November 29 at 12 PM ET, 5 PM GMT, and 6 PM CET.