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Financial services incumbents are under pressure to deliver more innovation faster, especially as disruptive competitors like Stripe and NuBank show the ability to scale up quickly. “Fast follow” strategies can be effective — but don’t provide long-term advantages.

In practice, many financial institutions face three common barriers to creating innovative products and services that break through in a crowded market and achieve broad adoption. In this on-demand webcast, Innosight’s Matt McGrath and Alasdair Trotter will dive into three common barriers to innovation success and share three tools to visualize and address these barriers. They explore how:

  • To visualize the opportunity space by examining customers’ jobs to be done and circumstances
  • To bring focus to your innovation priorities by defining the who, what, and how of your opportunities
  • To differentiate your products from competitors by understanding how your customers define quality



Matt McGrath is an Associate Partner at Innosight.

Alasdair Trotter is a Partner at Innosight.