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What’s blocking your culture change efforts? ​

“Misaligned incentives.” “Insufficient investment in training.” “A few rotten apples on the executive team.” These typical responses will sound familiar to HR and change leaders. But these barriers often only scratch the surface. ​

Some of the most critical barriers are deeper down, in an organization’s psyche and culture, and require a dedicated effort to identify and diagnose. We call this “spiking” an organization’s subconscious. ​

In this on-demand webcast, Innosight’s Kristen Colella and Natalie Painchaud explore the common types of hidden blockers that trip up transformation efforts – and three powerful tools that can help surface them. They’ll draw on their Harvard Business Review article to explore: ​

Tool #1: Observing a key organizational ritual, such as a meeting, with journals to understand things like whose voice matters and how people perceive things differently. ​

Tool #2: Analyzing qualitative “breadcrumbs,” organizational data to identify the actual behaviors a company is following (versus the behaviors they wish they were following).​

Tool #3: Image elicitation — asking people to draw an image that displays the current ways of working to draw out invisible patterns. ​

Natalie and Kristen bring these tools to life with an example of a global organization that generated unexpected insights into their organizational culture and enabled them to create interventions to address them. ​

Download the companion table with seven tools you can use to surface the hidden blockers here.