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What does customer-centricity mean for your company?

Business leaders increasingly say that customer-centricity is a strategic priority for their organizations, yet they struggle to define what it means, much less how to operationalize it. This lack of shared understanding can sidetrack even well-funded and well-organized initiatives.

In this on-demand webcast, Innosight’s Pontus Siren and Shari Parvarandeh explore key steps companies can take to create a strong foundation for building and scaling an organizational-wide capability. They explore:

  • The importance of developing a common language around customer centricity
  • How focusing on customer “jobs to be done” can provide a powerful lens for understanding your customers
  • Why your customers’ jobs to be done (not your customers!) are at the heart of the customer-company relationship
  • How the jobs framework can help you anticipate where value will migrate and then focus your innovation to address “under-solved” customer jobs