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Scaling new products and services originating in one part of a business to other geographies can increase return on innovation investment while creating a strategically and financially more attractive innovation pipeline.

In practice, however, many companies struggle to make this happen. Innovative new products and services that have global potential end up confined to their place of origin and fail achieve to full market impact.

How can companies unlock the full potential of their global footprint and maximize enterprise value? In this on-demand webcast, Innosight’s Shari Parvarandeh and Kristen Colella, authors of the new Harvard Business Review article, “How to Scale Local Innovations in Big Companies,” discuss how to build the organizational capability to scale innovations. They explore:

  • How scaling innovation can improve growth through innovation and lower innovation costs
  • The common, often hidden, barriers to global scaling
  • Specific strategies that can overcome those barriers and unlock value

Shari Parvarandeh is an Associate Partner based in London, and Kristen Colella is a Partner based in the Boston area.