Innovation’s first mile – it’s the critical period when an idea moves from concept to paper to market.

Just how critical is it? A recent survey conducted by Innosight shows that companies struggle with commercializing and scaling an idea more than any other part of the innovation cycle.

Scott D. Anthony, author of the book “The First Mile: A Launch Manual For Getting Great Ideas Into the Market” (Harvard Business Review Press), to learn how the right tools and mindsets can help you navigate this promising – but potentially treacherous – terrain and increase your odds of success.

In this on-demand, Scott will discuss how to:
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls of the first mile – from scaling too fast to hiring the wrong talent
  • Build an “experiment-encouraging” corporate culture
  • Bring greater precision to the economics of your business
  • Use the scientific method to navigate strategic uncertainty when you launch your next new venture

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