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As organizations look to emerge stronger from COVID-19, business model innovation can be a powerful engine to fuel new growth. In this on-demand webcast, Mark W. Johnson and Erika Johnson Meldrim discuss how to leverage new business models for resiliency and how to build a business model capability in your organization.

Drawing on insights from Innosight’s books, Lead from the Future and Reinvent Your Business Model, as well as work advising global companies on growth, Mark and Erika explore how organizations create new business models to define new growth. Few efforts to innovate can succeed without first understanding how your organization creates, captures, and delivers value today. Specifically, they explore:

  • How business model mapping can afford leaders a sense of clarity on how their organization really creates, captures, and delivers value to customers today
  • How to identify when you need a new business model and develop a proactive response to market disruption
  • How organizations can quickly develop and evolve a portfolio of core, adjacent, and new business models focused on their customers’ important “jobs to be done”
  • How taking a “test and learn” approach enables rapid learning from the marketplace and the ability to make quick, essential pivots