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Culture change is a critical enabler of organizational transformation—a full 92% of business leaders say culture change is directly tied to business outcomes.

So why does progress still feel so elusive for so many companies?

Part of the challenge is the inherent ambiguity of the concept. Culture means different things to different people. Confusing language and unrealistic expectations also impede progress.

In this on-demand webcast, Innosight’s Ned Calder, Natalie Painchaud, and Leslie Rikleen explore four practical shifts companies can make to jumpstart their change efforts, drawing on vivid case studies from a range of industries:

  • Talk less about culture and more about behavior. Changing how people act has direct impact on outcomes and shapes culture.
  • Focus on behaviors tied to specific business outcomes to rally employees around a clear, shared purpose.
  • Go beyond surface-level barriers to identify deeply rooted blockers that may be “invisible” and require a dedicated effort to identify and diagnose.
  • Use both formal organizational changes and informal behavioral changes. “Nudges” are often cheaper and easier to implement than more complex solutions.