Learn more about disruption in financial services in Asia.

Asian banks may have solid balance sheets, but they are poised to be disrupted by a host of non-bank startups across the region. How can incumbents develop the right strategies to harness disruption, instead of succumbing to it?

In this webcast, Innosight’s Jenny Chung and Annabel Tio, authors of the new briefing “Disruption Ahead: Financial Services in Asia,” discuss disruptive trends in the Asian banking sector. Jenny and Annabel share timely insights from their 18-page report as well as tested strategies. You’ll learn:

  • How and where disruptive new entrants like peer-to-peer lenders and mobile money services are gaining ground
  • How disruptive innovation works –and three potential ways banks will be disrupted
  • Why piecemeal responses such as accelerators aren’t sufficient
  • How a “dual transformation” approach can help incumbents launch their own disruptive businesses

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