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Inflation, the risk of a bear market, global uncertainty, and lingering impacts from Covid are prompting businesses to step back and reassess their innovation focus — and ensure their portfolio of projects has the necessary resilience to weather this period.

How can companies assess their current portfolio performance, understand what is and isn’t working, and make the decisions to ensure their innovation efforts are strategic and effective?

In this on-demand webcast, Alasdair Trotter and Dave Duncan, partners at Innosight and co-authors of the article, “Reset Your Innovation Priorities to Meet the New Reality,” walk participants through a new approach to strategic portfolio analysis. The approach equips leaders to more accurately assess their portfolio performance and make informed decisions about stopping or pausing projects, as well as investing in new opportunities. They explore:

  • How to better align leaders on the objectives of the innovation strategy
  • How to use “portfolio views” to visualize your portfolio of innovation projects from a number of different perspectives to get a more complete view of performance
  • How leaders can conduct portfolio reviews that ask the right questions, make better decisions, and strengthen the results from innovation investments