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Industrials across a range of sectors are experiencing disruptive change and uncertainty like never before. How do we harness the power of artificial intelligence? How do we transform from being a provider of products to building solutions? What changes do we need to make to deliver on sustainability mandates?

In this environment, a “future-back” approach to strategy development is a powerful tool for optimizing your current operations and seizing future opportunities. Future-back is about developing a view of the new and different world ahead and then walking it back to a portfolio of initiatives that can be progressed today. Future-back strategy is helpful for a range of strategic challenges — reinventing the core business, developing a disruptive solution, or addressing a macro-trend like digital.

In this live webcast, Innosight’s Ned Calder and Anna Veatch will explore the core tenets of future back strategy and how companies can begin to incorporate it into the planning:

  • How companies can evaluate which disruptive technologies will matter to them – and how they can capitalize on them for growth
  • Why getting leadership alignment is so elusive yet important – and approaches for making sure your team has a shared understanding of where your company needs to go in the future
  • How you can use “strategic opportunity areas” to focus your future growth investments
  • Case studies of real-world impact

Ned Calder and Anna Veatch are Partners at Innosight.

Join them Wednesday, September 27, 1 PM EST