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Today’s innovators face a dilemma: Ad hoc innovation efforts like hack-a-thons are easy to do but rarely pay off. Yet building large-scale innovation functions can require big change and take time to produce major results.

There’s an intermediate option: The “minimum viable innovation system” – a reliable and repeatable innovation capability that can be up and running in 90 days.

In this webcast, Innosight’s Scott D. Anthony and Pontus Siren, coauthors of the new Harvard Business Review article “Build an Innovation Engine in 90 Days,” share how to build a lean and mean innovation system in your organization. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of pursuing both core and new-growth innovation
  • How to quickly identify a handful of strategic opportunity areas that match customer needs to what you can deliver
  • Conducting a “zombie amnesty” and other ways to free up crucial resources
  • How simple checklists can keep your efforts on track
  • How to scale up an MVIS into a broader innovation system

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