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For 30 years, the concept of disruptive innovation has given rise to transformative technologies and business models that have remade industries and markets.

Yet the path to disruption remains laden with hurdles. Consider today: from autonomous vehicles to renewable energy to the Metaverse, great and promising ideas with the potential to drive new waves of transformation are hitting roadblocks and facing slow adoption.

Why do smart companies continue to struggle? It’s not due to a lack of ideas or big-picture thinking – but rather a matter of execution. Cultural inertia, organizational rigidity, and the nature of market development—these practical aspects of execution are the unsung gatekeepers of innovation.

In this on-demand webcast, based on our new Harvard Business Review article, we explore common challenges companies experience, the strategies for overcoming them, and case studies illustrating best practices (and mistakes). We explore how to :

  1. Navigate the fog of disruption through careful portfolio management.
  2. Focus on market development to create the right foothold markets and win over the right customers.
  3. Get real buy-in from critical stakeholders to overcome the doubt and fear that disruption can create.
  4. Create a disruption-ready culture to accelerate and scale disruption across operations.