Sooner or later, most companies will need to transform themselves in response to disruptive market shifts. It may not be today or tomorrow—but it will happen. Are you ready? Is your enterprise-ready?

Too often leaders and innovators are caught off guard by disruption. Typical responses include clinging to their current business model for too long or prematurely abandoning it.

“Dual transformation” is a more practical, timely, and sustainable approach. Through two distinct transformation efforts, an enterprise can rebuild its core while reinventing its business model and launching a disruptive new business.

In this interactive webinar, Anthony and Gilbert discuss insights from our recent Harvard Business Review articles, “Two Routes to Resilience” and “The New Corporate Garage,” and walk participants through:

  • Warning signs of disruption and how to plan for transformation
  • How to avoid the talent and resources traps that can sabotage transformation
  • How to establish a “capabilities exchange” that allows both efforts to share resources without interfering with the mission or operations of either
  • Case examples from companies that transformed in the face of disruption, including Xerox and the Deseret News

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