In this webcast, Innosight’s Robyn Bolton and Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner explore the results of our recently released 2015 Innovation Benchmarking Report – and what they mean for you. Based on a survey of nearly 200 innovators at some of the world’s leading companies, the report provides an eye-opening look into the state of corporate innovation programs today – including what types of innovation are being pursued, how projects are funded and measured, and where ideas get sourced.

The presenters cover key results and takeaways that will help you get more out of your own program, including:
  • How to avoid the “idea avalanche” and spend more time developing a few strategic, high-potential ideas
  • Focusing on metrics that matter – to the success of your program and to senior management
  • Creating stronger ties to business units
  • Fly or die – how to get better at accelerating or killing projects quickly, cheaply, and for the right reasons

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