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The innovation imperative—it has never been more urgent, for organizations and managers alike. In his new book, Scott Anthony, Senior Partner at Innosight Asia-Pacific, combines the best of innovation theory and practice into a compact guide that will help even seasoned innovators improve their odds of success.

Drawing on decades of research and thinking, as well as Innosight fieldwork with companies like Procter & Gamble, Anthony illuminates innovation’s vital role in organizational success and professional growth and delivers tools and concepts to make you and your team more innovation savvy:

A 28-day program for strengthening capabilities and creating a systematic approach to innovation:

  • Discovering opportunities
  • Blueprinting ideas
  • Assessing and testing ideas
  • Moving forward

Essential insights from the “masters of innovation,” including:

  • Clayton Christensen
  • Richard Foster
  • Rita McGrath
  • Steve Blank

Powerful concepts that will help you identify and seize new market and business opportunities:

  • Business model innovation as a tool for growth and reinvention
  • The job-to-be-done approach to identifying important customer insights
  • Test-and-learn for faster and more effective experimentation