The innovation imperative—it has never been more urgent, for organizations and managers alike. In his new book, Scott Anthony, Managing Director of Innosight Asia-Pacific, combines the best of innovation theory and practice into a compact guide that will help even seasoned innovators improve their odds of success.

Drawing on decades of research and thinking, as well as Innosight fieldwork with companies like Procter & Gamble, Anthony illuminates innovation’s vital role in organizational success and professional growth and delivers tools and concepts to make you and your team more innovation savvy:

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A 28-day program for strengthening capabilities and creating a systematic approach to innovation:

  • Discovering opportunities
  • Blueprinting ideas
  • Assessing and testing ideas
  • Moving forward

Essential insights from the “masters of innovation,” including:

  • Clayton Christensen
  • Richard Foster
  • Rita McGrath
  • Steve Blank

Powerful concepts that will help you identify and seize new market and business opportunities:

  • Business model innovation as a tool for growth and reinvention
  • The job-to-be-done approach to identifying important customer insights
  • Test-and-learn for faster and more effective experimentation
Scott Anthony

Scott Anthony is the managing partner of Innosight. Based in Innosight's Singapore office, he leads its Asian consulting operations and has worked with clients ranging from national governments to companies in health care, telecommunications, consumer products, and other industries. He is the author of Building a Growth Factory (2012) and The Silver Lining (2009) and coauthor of Seeing What's Next (2004) and The Innovator's Guide to Growth (2008), all published by Harvard Business Review Press.

Scott is a sought-after speaker on topics of growth and innovation at company and industry events. He is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review blog network and a frequent contributor to the magazine. His most recent HBR article was "The New Corporate Garage."