Corporate longevity

Corporate Longevity Forecast: Creative Destruction is Accelerating

As S&P 500 lifespans continue to shrink, leaders need new strategies for navigating disruption, according to our biennial report.


Unite Your Senior Team

Leadership teams too rarely align on growth strategy. Our feature in Harvard Business Review reveals how structured dialogues and interactive exercises can expose divisions and help converge on a plan for the future.


How Ford is Thinking About The Future

Ford’s Chariot urban commuter venture shows how to deal with the uncertainty of new business models by testing and learning one’s way forward.


3 Business Models that could Bring Million-Dollar Cures to Everyone

Our HBR article argues that the age of precision medicine might stall unless biopharma leaders also design precision business models for pricey gene therapies.


Reinvent Your Business Model

Digital business models aren’t just for startups.

Incumbents can be built to transform for the digital age by making business model innovation a core capability. Explore the playbook by Innosight cofounder Mark Johnson.


CEO Summit Report: Growth is a Choice

The pursuit of growth was front and center at Innosight’s 2018 CEO Summits, where leaders of nearly 50 companies gathered to tackle common challenges of growth and culture change.


Three Steps to Jumpstarting Digital Transformation

Cultivate digital intuition, clarify your ambition, and learn from pioneers.