Leading Transformation – A CEO Summit Report



Our CEO Summits are invitation-only, day-long gatherings led by Innosight co-founder and Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen and other innovation and strategy experts.

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Focused on CEO-level challenges and perspectives related to growth and innovation, each day is built around a discussion-based format, where senior executives participate with peers sharing inside experiences across industries.

Read our series of insights and perspectives on growth and transformation from Innosight’s 2017 CEO Summits.

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Chapter One

The New Game Begins Before the Old One Ends

September 2017

The most successful organizations are the ones most resistant to change. Leaders lack incentives to invest in innovation that won’t pay off within three to five years. In the absence of a clear and present crisis, leadership teams often cannot reach consensus on whether to do anything new and different.

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These dilemmas of leadership can be formidable stumbling blocks for incumbents. At Innosight’s ninth annual set of CEO Summits, a select group of senior executives came together to tackle these and other central challenges. Over the course of one-day events in Boston and London, they discussed the theory and practice of transformation by sharing their setbacks and breakthroughs.

“The new game begins before the old one ends,” said Harvard Business School Professor and Innosight cofounder Clay Christensen, one of the summit leaders. “The new game begins even before you can tell anything is wrong in the old one.”

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Chapter Two

Dual Transformation In Action: Reinventing Today While Creating Tomorrow

October 2017

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At Innosight’s 2017 CEO Summits in Boston and London, senior leaders from across industries gathered to share experiences about the challenge of creating new growth in times of rapid disruptive change.

“The gales of creative destruction have never blown more fiercely,” said Innosight managing partner Scott D. Anthony. That doesn’t mean that leaders need to abandon what has made them successful. Rather, the accelerating pace of change calls for taking a systematic approach to innovating products, services and business models.

But instead of a monolithic approach to change, we explored how “dual transformation” enables companies to pursue core and new growth simultaneously, ensuring both efforts get the resources they need to thrive.

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Chapter Three

When Disruption Becomes Digital: How successful leaders transform their organizations in times of uncertainty

December 2017

dual transformation in action 2017 UK CEO Summit

As part of Innosight’s series of CEO Summits, leaders from Ford, Barclays, BASF, and other global organizations gathered in London to explore growth opportunities around digital transformation. Hosted by Barclays at its new Rise fintech innovation accelerator, the event focused both on enabling technology as well as discussion around larger strategic questions:

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What does it take for a company to create sustainable growth in an era when digital ecosystems and other disruptive changes are transforming entire industries?

How can companies build on what makes them great while at the same time creating the next version of themselves?

What kind of initiatives and structures need to be in place for large organizations to discover and capture new opportunities with the agility of startups?

Digital Future Snapshot for 2020 - 50 billion devices connected ot the Web - 6 billion smart phone users worldwide (70% of world population) - 1.7MBs of data created per second for every person on the planet, on average - $160 billion market for public cloud services

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