Covid has underscored the need for leading with a clear vision for the future. In this special collection of articles drawing on concepts from “Lead from the Future,” you can explore how a “future-back” lens can create a long-term growth strategy and new work paradigm to help your organization emerge stronger. This complimentary collection includes:


Leaders, Do You Have a Clear Vision for the Post-Crisis Future?

Whether in times of crisis—like the current COVID-19 pandemic—or in times of relative stability, leading with a vision and articulating a strategic path forward is crucial for long-term business success. As described in Lead from the Future, here’s a process for doing exactly that.


Does Your Company Have a Long-Term Plan for Remote Work?

WFH? Hybrid? Something entirely new? Covid has given organizations an opportunity to re-imagine their new work paradigm. Future-back thinking can help leaders architect and construct systems for the long run that will allow them to meet their cost, productivity, and culture objectives.